Olde Country Soap - 8 Natural Soap Bars (5oz.) + Soap Bag (1 pc.)

Olde Country Soap - 8 Natural Soap Bars (5oz.) + Soap Bag (1 pc.)

J Savon CHIC Aromatherapy Kit - Champagne Gold

J Savon CHIC Aromatherapy Kit - Champagne Gold

J Savon LOG Aromatherapy Kit - Wooden Color

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The LOG aromatherapy kit gets you started with what you need to enjoy essential oils – a large capacity diffuser and 2 Plant Therapy Essential Oils (Lavender, Peppermint). Start experiencing the benefits of aromatherapy today – improve sleep with Lavender and uplift your office productivity with Peppermint.  

This large capacity diffuser is designed for larger spaces. It has an innovative 360-degree rotatable cover that directs the mist to the area of your choice. Ultra-quiet design with a low 5V USB input, this diffuser also functions as a humidifier and night light.  Adjustable mist speed (high/low) and built-in timer (2 hours, 8 hours, intermittent for 48 hours). This multifunctional diffuser is a fixture in any home and a wonderful companion for your aromatherapy routine.

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Customize J Savon LOG Aromatherapy Kit - Wooden Color
1 x J Savon LOG Aroma Diffuser Wooden Pattern   + $30.00
1 x Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil 10 mL   + $5.95
1 x Plant Therapy Peppermint Essential Oil 10 mL   + $5.95

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J Savon LOG Aromatherapy Kit - Wooden Color
J Savon LOG Aromatherapy Kit - Wooden Color

In stock



    360 Degree Rotatable Cover Technology

    Easily adjust the angle of your mist with the rotatable cover.

    Portable and USB-C Powered 

    With the USB-C 5V power supply, no matter what room you're in, you can bring it with you and plug it into a battery pack. 

    Adjustable Mist Speed 

    Choose from high or low mist speeds to optimize your aromatherapy experience.


    8 Color Modes 

    Select from 8 different color modes to create the ideal ambiance and mood for your room.

    3-in-1 Diffuser, Humidifier and Night Light

    With its high output on high capacity, the LOG diffuser doubles as a humidifier (select the high and continuous setting) and its gentle soft glow is perfect as a night light. 

    Built-in Timer 

    Select from 2 hours, 8 hours, and intermittent for 48 hours. You can set the timer and let the diffuser do the work. 

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    Diffuser made in China. Plant Therapy essential oils bottled in the USA - Lavender (Origin: Bulgaria, France, Greece, or Spain), Peppermint (Origin: India).


    • Features
    • 300ml capacity water tank
    • Coverage for 500 square feet
    • Built in timer – 2hours/8 hours/48 hours intermittent
    • Size: 5.91” x 5.9” x 3.96”

    Charge it and take it with you on the go to create the ultimate aromatherapy experience.

    • Compact, fits car cup holders, small desks, countertops
    • 2 mist modes: intermittent and continuous
    • Aluminum alloy construction with magnetic lid closure
    • Stylistic lighting cover rim gives it a soothing touch
    • USB-C 5V charging capabilities (USB charging cord included)
    • Doubles as a night light or gentle humidifier
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