Laras Bake Shop Double Chocolate Cookies, 7 oz

Laras Bake Shop Double Chocolate Cookies, 7 oz

LA TOURANGELLE: Evoo Olive Oil, 500 ml

LA TOURANGELLE: Evoo Olive Oil, 500 ml

Italian Food Lover Set

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This set is perfect when you want to make an easy Italian meal at home. It contains Enzos Table Vinegar Balsamic Fig that is layered with rich flavors of fig and a just-right balance of sweet and sour. If you want some chewiness, the Bona Furtuna Pasta Fusilli has an al dente texture that can be easily cooked and served as a main course. The aromatic Amore Pesto Paste also makes a great addition to your pasta or appetizers if you do not have fresh basils at hand. Lastly, the Urban Truffles Porcini and White Truffles adds the final gourmet touch to everyday meals.

Bundle Includes:

- Enzos Table Vinegar Balsamic Fig Org

- 250 ml Bona Furtuna Pasta Fusilli

- 1.1 lb Amore Pesto Paste, 2.8 oz pack of 2

- Urban Truffles Porcini And Truffles White, 2.82 oz

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1 x Bona Furtuna Fusilli Pasta, 1.1 lb   + $11.74
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1 x Amore Pesto Paste, 2.8 oz pack of 2   + $9.04
1 x Enzos Table Organic Fig Balsamic Vinegar, 250 ml   + $18.03
  • Buy 2 for $18.95 each and save 5%
1 x Urban Truffles White Truffles and Porcini Sauce, 2.82 oz   + $11.74

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Italian Food Lover Set
Italian Food Lover Set

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    Enzos Table Vinegar Balsamic Fig:

    Crafted in the Old World style where time-honored traditions and techniques yield an exceptionally unique delicacy. It is a blend of organic Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes and fresh organic figs, aged in oak barrels, creating a rich, dense, honey-like balsamic layered with flavors of fig and complemented by a balance of sweetness and acid. Enjoy with rustic peasant bread and cheese, drizzle over garden fresh salads, grilled fruit and vegetables or enhance your favorite dessert.


    Bona Furtuna Pasta Fusilli:

    Bona Furtuna Ancient Grain Pasta celebrates the spirit of Italian land and tradition. With a touch of sweetness, herbal hints, sunkissed grain, and ascents of cinnamon, Bona Furtuna Fusilli provides a great al dente texture and elastic structure. The Sicilian Ancient Grain Fusilli is 100% organic, non-GMO, and bronze dyed for robust flavor and texture.

    Amore Pesto Paste:

    Amore Pesto Paste is a fresh-tasting combination of basil, sunflower and olive oils, salt, pine nuts, and garlic. Fresh basil is not always easy to get, and not always convenient to store. Here’s an alternative way to enjoy the taste you love. All Amore Cooking Pastes products are Gluten Free and are Non-GMO Project Verified. Use Amore pastes to make a vinaigrette, mix with mayo to flavor a chicken or tuna salad, or make an easy garlic bread.


    Urban Truffles Porcini And Truffles White:

    Urbani Truffles has been the largest distributor of fresh truffles in the World since 1852. In the USA, they get daily shipments of fresh truffles from Italy, selling so fast that they never carry old stock. The white truffles and porcini sauce is an absolute classic! Add it to your risotto or tagliatelle, spread it on toasted bread, or drizzle some over-grilled meat or fish, and your gourmet specialty food is ready to serve.

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