DAYES Enzyme Fermented Coffee Ground - 16oz (455g)

DAYES Enzyme Fermented Coffee Ground - 16oz (455g)

Olde Country Soap 6 gift bags of Natural Country Soap- (4- 5oz. bars per gift bag)

Olde Country Soap 6 gift bags of Natural Country Soap- (4- 5oz. bars per gift bag)

DAYES Enzyme Fermented Coffee - Whole Bean Bulk (5lbs)

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Enjoy the benefits of DAYES Enzyme Fermented coffee. Now in bulk! 

The 5lb bag is packaged with a degassing valve to ensure carbon dioxide is expelled from the freshly roasted beans. The valve also prevents oxygen from going inside the packaging. 

DAYES Enzyme Fermented coffee stays fresher for longer! The fermentation process prevents the beans from becoming rancid. The coffee maintains optimal taste for up to 3 years. 

As always, the beans are freshly roasted at Dayes Coffee Roasters. 

DAYES Coffee brings you a truly healthy coffee while still retaining the rich smooth taste of a great brew!

  • Full flavored, nutty, creamy
  • Green coffee beans fermented with 50 enzyme complex
  • Roasted fresh in small batches with exceptional quality control
  • Low acid and easy to digest
  • Up to 90% less caffeine than regular coffee
  • Less bitter and smoother than regular coffee

DAYES Coffee uses ONLY grade 1 quality specialty coffee beans. There are 5 grades of coffee with grade 1 being the highest. Most coffee shops use grade 2 coffee while most grocery store brands use grade 3 coffee. 

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Freshly roasted DAYES Coffee. Now in bulk!

Freshly roasted DAYES Coffee. Now in bulk!

Freshly roasted DAYES Coffee. Now in bulk!

Freshly roasted DAYES Coffee. Now in bulk!

DAYES Enzyme Fermented Coffee is a specialty coffee that boasts a smooth taste, deep aroma, and numerous health benefits, including:

  1. Lower caffeine content
    Fermentation significantly reduces caffeine content in coffee beans. This makes fermented coffee a great option for people who enjoy drinking coffee but want to lower caffeine intake in their diet or enjoy coffee in the evenings without disturbing sleep.  The lower caffeine also makes it suitable for pregnant women, the elderly, or people with anxiety. 

  1. Friendlier on the stomach
    Tannins and acid in coffee trigger stomach discomfort, especially in those with digestive conditions. Fermentation makes coffee easier to digest and absorb by breaking down tannins and other compounds. 

  1. Less Rancidity
    Fermentation leads to less rancidity, thereby extending the preservation period of roasted coffee beans up to one year. A longer preservation period allows the taste to become even richer.

  1. Less Bitterness - Reduce your sugar intake
    Fermentation decreases the intensely bitter taste of regular coffee. Less cream and sugar are needed for an ideal cup of coffee, making it easier for you to cut back on calories. 


Roast Level 

Nutty and sweet with some fruity overtones. Full-bodied and low acidity. Thick, creamy, nutty, and semi-sweet with fruity and chocolaty accents. 

Cupping Notes
Dark chocolate, walnut, brown sugar, caramel, cherry, and medium body

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The product is roasted and packaged in small batches at DAYES Coffee Roasters, Middletown, NY. 

The raw beans are fermented in South Korea and then imported to Dayes Coffee Roasters.

Coffee Bean Type: 100% Arabic Beans

Coffee Bean Origin - Blend of Brazil Mogiana, Colombia Supremo, Guatemala Antigua 

Born in small-town America, DAYES Coffee Roasters and Café opened its doors in Middletown, New York early January 2022. They have grown to be one of the best-loved cafés in Middletown, with a 4.9-star rating on Google after 48 reviews.


Like many American businesses, DAYES Coffee follows traditional values. They are committed to creating healthier and smoother-tasting brews. Dayes Coffee believes in putting the customer’s health first. That is why they are developing new products to elevate your morning brew to a healthy cup of joe.  


DAYES Coffee is a proud sponsor of the Epoch Times and partner to Together, DAYES Coffee hopes that businesses with traditional values can work together to create a better America.

Brand: DAYES Coffee Roasters and Cafe

Location: 28 North St, 1st Fl, Middletown, New York

Employees: 2 

Founder:  Dr. Grant Lee – Retired Cancer Pathologist, Korean Roots

Role:  Dr. Lee works full-time at Dayes Coffee Roasters, developing new blends of coffee and roasting coffee beans for optimal health.


Dr. Grant Lee has 12 years of experience in cancer research and is an author of 54 peer-reviewed publications. He specializes in Cancer Prevention studies for Leukemia Colorectal, Prostate, and Lung Cancers.

Past Research Positions:

Senior Research Analyst – Rutgers University, NJ

Associate Research Scientist – Yale Medical School, CT

Research Fellow – Hormel Institute, MN

Research Scientist – National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS, Tokyo), Japan

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