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About Us


With the rapid development of modern industry and science and technology, people enjoy the ever-changing scientific and technological achievements, but also suffer due to the lack of social morality and the consequences of over-exploitation of natural resources caused by human health and the living environment has been an unprecedented serious threat.

World Fortunes Inc. is an international trading company based in New York city the commercial center of the world. Our business is dedicating the dissemination of the concept of environmental health, efforts to find and develop natural, high-quality specialty products for the general public to provide natural, no petrochemicals, energy saving and environmental protection is still excellent household items. Our products are involved healthy water, clean air, natural washing, beauty, health, care, clothing, organic food, daily necessities, kitchenware, electronic equipment, book, Video, and Audio etc.

We uphold honest, trustworthy, fair, impartial, Internet and physical stores combination, joint worldwide manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, formed to serve the global production, supply, and marketing network. 

Whether it is an object of personal or business are our sincere services. Your health and happiness needs are our goal.